End of an Era: Closure of Al-Anon Information Service Recommended

The Al-Anon Information Service has been providing information on Al-Anon in Ireland for over 40 years. Thanks to progress in modern technologies and communications, the local service is no longer needed. The management committee of the Al-Anon Information Service have prepared a report that recommends closure of the service. The report can be downloaded from here along with a cover letter and information on what exactly Al-Anon Information Services are and what they do.

The removal of the local service will not affect in any way the activities of General Service Office [GSO] , located in London, which has always been the only service centre for all Groups in the UK and Ireland. GSO already provides an Information Service to all the groups in the UK and Ireland and that service will continue to meet all the information needs of all those affected by the drinking of others. Groups in the Areas that established the Information Service will be asked to approve the closure in Spring 2022. The Information Service in the meantime will continue to operate as usual.

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