Your Al-Anon Needs You

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!  We urgently needed new volunteers to keep the office open and to operate the helpline.  All members are urged to volunteer one half day a week from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm in the Information Service Office of if they cannot commit to coming in to do a 4 hour helpline slot from their own home instead.

The office is very central located beside the bridge at 5 Capel St near the Luas Green Line stop at Jervis. We look forward to seeing you all when the current crisis passes. In the meantime please email

We really want to keep the office open weekdays for the benefit of the fellowship and all those who have been affected by other people’s drinking but have yet to find Al-Anon. We can’t do this without your help ! When we help others it helps us grow too.

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