Don – the husband of a problem drinker

Don found that the meetings changed his perspective on his wife’s drinking.

Emma – the daughter of alcoholic parents

We know that children can carry the damage from growing up with an alcoholic parent into their adult lives. Emma, who is in her mid twenties, talks about what it was like to grow up with two alcoholic parents.

Growing up with an alcoholic parent


Joe – living with active alcoholism

A husband talks about the problems that arise when living with active alcoholism and how attending Al-Anon meetings helped him in unexpected ways.

Joe - living with active alcoholism

Alice – reached breaking point

Alice had reached breaking point when she found Al-Anon and help for the whole family.

Alice - reached breaking point

Mark – wife’s drinking

Mark has tried to control his wife’s drinking for many years but has never thought of her as an alcoholic.

Mark - wife's drinking

Montage of members’ shares

The daughter, wife, husband and other family members talk about their experience of living with alcoholism, and then finding support in Al-Anon

Montage of members' shares

Trish – Teenager with alcoholic parent

For a teenager, living with an alcoholic parent can be confusing, frustrating and soul destroying – Trish speaks about her experience

Teenager with alcoholic parent

John- dilemma of the alcoholic marriage

“If we didn’t love them, we could walk away from them”. John explains the dilemma of the alcoholic marriage.

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